Are we the right filmmakers for you?

Choosing your videography is a really important decision! Each filmmaker has their own unique style of shooting and storytelling, as well as their own personality! We want to make sure we're the right fit for you. We are looking at couples who aren't afraid the be themselves, laugh and giggle, be a bit cheeky and weird. You want someone who gets along with you, to make you feel like you are the only couple they're shooting for, to joke around with you, understands you, your story and knows you. Basically, we're about to become friends!

Here at BrightSky Film, we don't just capture the day with the next year or so in mind, we create something that you will be proud to look back on five or ten years, to show your children, your friends, to relive the day when you are feeling down, or happy, or on your anniversary. We want to make you something that is timeless.